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The WP Scraper plugin from Bumblesoft gives you the ability to compete in the busy world of online content. Called an auto-blogging application, WP Scraper gathers content from niche markets and automatically publishes it on one or more of your WordPress blogs.

Earning a living online is hard enough without going crazy trying to keep all your WordPress sites updated with fresh content. Bumblesoft’s WP Scraper plugin can be scheduled to automatically add posts to your blogs based on your instructions. The implications of this are huge: now you can maintain dozens of Web sites rather than just a few. This means you get the backlinks, keywords, and search engine exposure you need to get traffic coming to you.

Perhaps the strongest appeal of WP Scraper is that it saves you time. Let’s face it: there is only so much content you can produce even if you spend all day typing. By collecting valuable material from feed sources around the Internet, WP Scraper makes sure that a constant, fresh flow of content is always at your site, making it an appealing place for search engines and customers alike. All this is done while freeing your valuable time up for other business efforts.

Installation of WP Scraper is as easy as any other WordPress plugin. Just upload the files to your plugin directory and configure it with the options you want. If you get stuck during the installation process, you have nothing to worry about. Complete support training videos are available that show you exactly how it’s done. Bumblesoft also has helpful support representatives who are always on call to help you get the plugin performing the way it should.

WP Scraper is available for a special low price and can be purchased risk free with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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