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The blog market explosion began in 2003, and shows no signs of decreasing. Millions of people depend on blogs as their source of information for news, and product information. In this decade, personal blogging has decreased while business blogging has increased. This creates a need for easy plugins and modules that can be used to earn income for a business blogger.

The WP Robot autoblogging plugin was designed to automate the blogging process, and allow the business blogger to spend less time writing, and more time maximizing their income stream. The autoblogging plugin makes it easy to add fresh informative content with no effort required. This reduces the time investment required by the blogger.

Popular Features Include:

  • Create Custom Blog Posts Instantly
  • Keyword Organization & Maintenance
  • Timed Automated Posting
  • User Selected Posting
  • Duplicate Content Protection
  • Free Support & Updates

The WP Robot autoblogging plugin offers 3 separate plugins. They are Basic Core [Free], Advanced Core [$15], and Elite Core [$30]. The main differences in the plugins are the amount of keywords that can be used, and the amount of websites that you can use the plugin.

Additional modules can be added to the Basic Core and Advanced Core plugins. The additional modules include:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Youtube
  • Flickr
  • Yahoo News
  • Clickbank
  • Translation
  • Article
  • RSS

The modules are used to select the keywords and content that you add to your blog. The WP Robot autoblogging Plugin simplifies the promotion process for Amazon and eBay affiliates that cross promote thousands of products in the Internet. This increases their revenue with very little effort.

Bloggers that entertain readers with streaming video, photo albums, and informative articles will also find that this plugin enhances their online presence.

The endless possibilities, and low price make the WP Robot autoblogging plugin a great addition to any business blog.

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