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WPReviewEngine is a plugin that allows people to quickly build themselves a review Web site, such as for gaming, computer software, hotels, real estate or anything else you might sent your mind to. This plugin will include thumbnails, star ratings and custom fields that can all be controlled right in the administration panel.

Your readers can include ratings when they post comments on your Web site, allowing your Web site to effectively become a place to read reviews about whatever kind of products you wish. Best of all, it can be placed into any theme at all. This means you do not have to worry about finding a compatible theme – instead, you can look at whatever appeals to you.

You get the option to enable WPReviewEngine wherever you want to on your Web site, so not every post you make has to include ratings, nor does every comment have to include it, either. Also, if you want your Web site to look more trustworthy and to encourage more people to sign up and write reviews for it, you can automatically generate user comments – make hundreds of them. You get full control over each one, as well.

Just like an actual review Web site, you want your posts to be ordered the right way. After all, you will want to show your highest rated products first, or you can opt to show the products that have the most comments. However, you can also use the default method that WordPress uses, as well.

You can set up Bayesian weighted ratings, too, to ensure that products are not listed incorrectly. For example, you can take this precaution to make sure a product that has 20 five star ratings and 20 four star ratings – for an average of 4.5 – maintains its rank over that of one with two five star ratings – for an average of 5.



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