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If you are looking for a WordPress plugin that can quicken the import and conversion of Comma Separated Value (CSV) file formats, PressMatix has a point-and-click solution. Their WP CSV File Importer Plugin (“WPCSVImporter”) is an easy to install, quick launch database merging tool that comes complete with post template creation tools, customized data field links, and flexible Post dating controls.

Priced at $39.00 US and ready for immediate download, the WPCSVImporter carries a 30-day unconditional cost refund guarantee. The price tag also includes unlimited, lifetime support and updates.

Here are some of the fine points of performance:

1. Import Features: Not only handles MySQL exports into CSV files and then back again, but also imports data feeds from various affiliate networks;
2. Templates: Supports simple or complex field definitions combined with multiple conversion features and reusable templates;
3. Category Controls: Provides automated category creation subsidized by user specified category names and category field types;
4. Data Fields: Set up precisely defined data conversion criteria and input formats;
5. Post Dating Generator: Define random Post dates, including prescheduled future Post release dates;
6. Field-Controlled Data Updates: Merge new CSV data into existing files without losing previous changes. Limit updates to predefined fields.

Whether you have an established web site or you are just getting started, WPCSVImporter contains features that can lessen the time and expense of data conversion. Existing sites spend considerable time seeking and inputting new content. Beginning sites spend time trying to collect enough content to draw some attention.

Why not give your web site idea a kick-start? With WPCSVImporter, a new article submission site could purchase CSV database, merge it into the WordPress MySQL file, and be up and running in only a few hours.


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