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For people who wish to create a niche gaming site using WordPress, the WPArcadeEngine plugin is a great way to customize a site. The WPArcadeEngine can be bought with a single site license for $29. You can also buy a game pack, which comes with over 6000 games, for an additional $29. The WPArcadeEngine also comes with an unlimited site license (and the 6000 game pack) for $99.

There are several features provided by WPArcadeEngine that any person trying to create a gaming site would find useful. The plugin comes with automatic detection of .swf file dimensions. This automatic detection comes in handy for people who are posting flash based games and do not wish to manually enter the dimensions. WPArcadeEngine also supports gaming rss feeds, which can come in handy if a person wishes to provide extra content from other gaming sites within their own site. For people that wish to publish nonflash games, WPArcadeEngine supports all files types. Ratings are fully supported with the plugin, allowing for an extra layer of user interaction. For people who are making their first journey into the world of WordPress and feel a little lost when getting started with the plugin, WPArcadeEngine offers unlimited lifetime support.

WPArcadeEngine is easily customizable. The administration area of WPArcadeEngine simply adds on to WordPress’s administration area. With this easy synching of administration areas, the WPArcadeEngine plugin offers an administration area that most WordPress users are already familiar with. WPArcadeEngine will also work with every WordPress plugin, offering a gaming site platform with unlimited potential for customization. Since WPArcadeEngine is just a plugin, it can utilize any WordPress theme, providing nearly unlimited choices for gaming site design.


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