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The WP Store WordPress theme is a great tool for people who wish to turn their WordPress powered site into a powerful ecommerce platform. The WP Store theme has two different license types that can be purchased. These license types include a single use license for $65 and a multiple use license for $99.

People interested in building an ecommerce website will find many helpful tools and features in the WP Store WordPress theme. Besides the usual shopping cart, which adds the extremely handy “add to cart mode”, the WP Store theme also has a digital shop option. The digital shop allows for digital items, such as e-books, icons, or digital art to be downloaded anytime through a unique customer account on the ecommerce site. This comes in handy for people that wish to cut out third party digital delivery sites and allow digital downloads at any time.

Catalog mode is also offered with the WP Store theme. Catalog mode lets a site showcase products, but changes the buy now area to a send inquiry area. This is especially helpful for ecommerce sites that run out of a product and wish to start a list of customers that wish to purchase the item once it is in stock.

The actual layout for the WP Store theme is nice and easily showcases the products that an ecommerce store has for sale. Categories are easily implemented, allowing for better user site navigation. Each product listing is able to show a picture of the product, price of the product, and a summary of the product, all in one, clean, easy to use format. There is also a large top area available for use, which can show a product that is on sale, new to the shop, or a featured item.





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