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WPReviewSite is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows a person to create a feature rich review site. WPReviewSite offers a Single Site License for $97, a Multi Site License for $199, and a Developer Site License for $299. WPReviewSite also has a My Ratings Add-On available for $24 and a Premium Theme Pack for $29.

WPReviewSite allows for sorting of posts by rating or number of reviews. This is an important feature for any review site to have, as it allows users to find the highest ranked products that they are looking for. WPReviewSite uses an algorithm that sorts posts by best rated, but still takes number of reviews into consideration. This means that a post with one, five star rating will not be ranked higher than a post with four, five star ratings and one, four star rating.

There are several other features included in the WPReviewSite plugin that review site owners will find greatly enhances their site. WPReviewSite will embed Google Maps, which allows for easy directions to any business that may be reviewed. The plugin also creates comparison tables, which comes in handy for people who wish to show several different facts about something being reviewed, besides its rating. There are also two sidebar widgets available with WPReviewSite, including one that provides the top ten rated items and one that provides the ten most recently reviewed items.

The WPReviewSite plugin also provides a way for users to review an item in multiple categories. For instance, if a restaurant is being reviewed, a site owner can set up ratings for taste, service, and décor, adding an extra level to each review present on a site. This multiple category rating system will also treat zero star ratings as null, with a one star rating being the lowest score possible.


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