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The expanded growth of WordPress provides a constant supply of plugins and accessories to improve your website or blog. A handy new plugin called WordPress Popup Scheduler creates an interactive experience with website visitors.

The WordPress Popup Scheduler allows the website owner to effectively use a popup window to send a special message to their visitors. The popup is not obtrusive and can be an effective marketing tool businesses.

Examples of use:

1. New visitors read your blog for the first time
2. Promote a subscription to your blog or service
3. Give daily advice or feedback
4. Special announcements
5. Link to sale products or promotions

The WordPress Popup Scheduler can be customized for the needs of your blog or website. It can be displayed on any page, and displayed before or after a blog post. Your message can be customized inside the popup window and colors can be added for a visually appealing experience. You can set a timer to be activated by the number of days, or visits to your website or blog.

As with all WordPress plug-ins, installation is completed easily.

The WordPress Popup Scheduler is another great way to improve your interactive blog or website.



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