WordPress Cloaker plugin Review

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WordPress Cloaker is easy to install and gives you tools to automatically redirect visitors to specific pages of your choice based on their search engine keywords. The software will automatically build hundreds of search engine optimized pages in just a few minutes. These clunky, optimized pages will satisfy the search engine bots and get you higher rankings while real users will be redirected to your people friendly pages instead.

The online training videos for WordPress Cloaker admit that search engines such as Google and Yahoo frown on cloaking and may ban your pages if complaints are registered, they also claim they can teach you step-by-step methods for bringing in more traffic without any problems.

This is an auto-blogging method that allows a single person, experienced or not, to run multiple sites without spending hours every day doing updates. It is designed to increase traffic and improve PPC ratios while keeping search engine rankings high.

One important caveat of this application is the requirement to constantly update the list of search engine spider IP addresses. Since the engines frequently add or change IP addresses, failure to keep an up to date list could result in blacklisting of your site. WordPress Cloaker offers a monthly update service for a fee or there are other places available to get search engine IP address lists. However, you will need to update your lists, at least, once a week.

Along with the cloaking software, your also get a YouTube and RSS Feed Content Poster along with WPScraper which pulls full articles from the web and plugs them into your blog. The whole package is $197. Add to this the expense of hosting and you can calculate setting up a blogging, PPC, affiliate marketing website for less than $500. Click Here to Learn More!

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