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Since it's inception, WordPress has helped to revolutionize web content delivery. This creates a smooth transition from a typical website to an interactive content management system.

Classifieds is a new premium theme for use with WordPress. The ease of use and combined features is a great addition to this powerful package. The affordable price offers website owners a low-risk investment for their new or existing business.

Popular Features Include:

  1. Fast Setup
  2. No Programming Necessary
  3. 10 Customizable Templates
  4. Order Management System
  5. Plug-in & Widget Ready
  6. Affiliate Support
  7. SSL Ready
  8. SEO Customization
  9. Google Maps
  10. Payment Gateways

The setup is easy and can be completed quickly. Simply choose from any of the 10 included templates, add your images and content, and you'll have a professional website in minutes.

The order management feature keeps track of incoming and outgoing orders, and the callback feature automatically updates customer orders when payment is received. The Classifieds theme also includes support for all of the popular payment gateways used for secure payment processing. Your payments are processed instantly and securely.

Thanks to the SEO customization feature, your website can be indexed by popular search engines on the Internet. This means no extra marketing fees to promote your website. The addition of Google Maps makes it easy for customers to find your location. Customers can map their own directions to and from their location.

Making more money is easy using the Classifieds template. This template includes affiliate marketing tools making it easy to expand your website and market reach. You can promote thousands of products easier by creating your affiliate network.

The access to over 5000 WordPress plug-ins creates an interactive experience between you and your customers.

Expanding your online business is simpler and easier using the Classifieds theme.


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