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Run Your Own Classifieds Site Just Like Craigslist!

For those who are ready to start-up a new web based classifieds business, Templatic may have the design you are seeking. Their new, single click and install, WordPress Classifieds Theme includes all of the necessary components for managing both free and paid user advertisement posts.

Skip over the basic WordPress page layout, dashboard characteristics, color schemes, and user support strengths of Templatic templates. Focus instead on the features that differentiate a classifieds web site from any other type of Internet site management software. Here are some of the primary customer benefits as perceived and included by the Templatic programming team:

  1. Easy Post submission and editing: Classifieds Theme includes a custom editor that permits the customer to incorporate on-the-fly ad design directly into their classified;
  2. Image upload manager: This browse and click image handler comes with auto image resizing and an advanced zooming feature that also includes the ability to create dynamic thumbnails;
  3. Automated map and placement generator for easy seller location display;
  4. A quick submit inquiry form that provides instant email feedback to the ad publisher;
  5. Functions for strategic ad positioning: Though controlled by the administrator, this feature presents an option for special promotion pricing that may benefit both you and your premium customers.

Some of the features included in Templatic's Classifieds Theme are valuable to both the customer and the administrator. Here is a sampling:

  1. Controlled pricing divisions and payment plans: Classifieds Theme incorporates the ability to regulate individual category price breakdowns, multiple combinations of free versus paid listings, support for eighteen different currency types, and a standard Paypal collection and payment gateway;
  2. Management for individual customer discounts;
  3. Integrated user email management system;
  4. Blog features and more.

Pricing Options:

  • Selling price: Single use license = $65.00
  • Multiple use license = $99.00





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