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So you have an AWeber subscription form that you need to integrate into your WordPress blog but you don't know how you are going to do so. Well, you need wonder no more, because you can use the WordPress AWeber Opt-in Form Widget Plugin. The plugin includes the ability to use either RAW HTML coding or Javascript snippets to implement your subscription form, and the ability to use email web analytics if you so desire.

The WordPress AWeber Opt-in Form Widget Plugin allows you to enter your AWeber user id and then automatically enters and enables the AWeber web email analytics coding into all of your pages. You will not need to do any manual coding to get the web email analytics up and running. The plugin will take care of that for you.

Plugin compatibility includes both WordPress and WordPressMU. For WordPressMU this plugin allows for the easiest integration of your AWeber subscription form due to WordPressMU not permitting Javascript snippets or HTML form coding as a general rule. To download this free plugin, go to http://om4.com.au/wordpress-plugins/wordpress-aweber-plugin/.



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