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Affiliate Theme, a WordPress theme used to create affiliate websites, uses a straightforward philosophy to aid affiliate marketers – use the most popular blogging software, WordPress, and build more effective pages by focusing on a single subject matter, the affiliate theme. By focusing on one cohesive element, marketers benefit from producing multiple landing pages to increase traffic, which in turn, increases sales.

Affiliate marketers note the multiple, and uncomplicated ways, to use Affiliate Theme’s features. Users have two main steps. First, input your offers. Second, design and customize your pages using code-free or code-your-own options.

The second step takes place in one spot, the Theme Options Panel. From here, you choose your layouts, fonts, colors, and button sizes. If you need to change your product focus or create multiple pages, you may easily change your designs by clicking a few buttons. Furthermore, you have the ability to choose pre-made background images or upload your own. This allows you to easily build different pages for different products.

Once you complete your design, provide your headlines and content. Affiliate Theme picks up from there to improve your search engine rankings by ensuring proper use of tags. In addition, users may track scripts from the Theme Options Panel. For example, users paste their Google Analytics directly into a “Footer Tracking Code” to receive real-time analysis of the numbers. By using tracking features, marketers analyze what site elements work, and which ones to revise. Because you do not manually update pages, you have the ability to easily tryout changes such as your website’s color scheme without losing time or money.

Affiliate Theme offers packages to fit all budgets. A single-use package costs $97 while a multi-use packages starts at $147. How do you know which package is right for your marketing needs? Just answer the following: What do you want to promote and sell and how many websites do you need? If you need to use Affiliate Theme on more than one website, opt for a multi-use package.

Once you sign up for Affiliate Theme, you have access to the Resource Center. The Center targets all user levels and provides tutorials, sample sites and more. This is the place to go if you need some guidance on what colors sell electronics and beauty products.

All Affiliate Theme features help marketers stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends. The easy-to-use features ensure that affiliates maintain a customer-friendly website that monitors and increases traffic. For those looking to increase their networks, Affiliate Theme also works in conjunction with the WordPress affiliate program. This supplies you with banners and links to place directly into your website. In turn, you receive real-time reporting to track sales, traffic and your profit levels.




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