WishList Membership WordPress Plugin Review

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For those managing their membership websites through WordPress, there is now a plugin available to help manage it all. The plugin, available through WishList Member, has already received a lot of positive reviews and testimonials from current users.

With this downloadable, easy-to-use product, WordPress site managers will now be able to manage memberships like never before. The plugin allows users to manage a site’s members through creating lists and levels of memberships, and they can integrate their membership lists with functions of other plugins.

For example, a website manager wants to have varying levels of membership that correlate with access to different sections of his website. He also wants to allow potential members to try the site for free for a period of time before committing to the membership fees. This plugin by WishList Member will allow him to do all of this. It will even allow him to set up automated membership control – so if he’s on vacation, people won’t get five extra days of free membership if he doesn’t take the time to manage his site while relaxing with his family.

For a single site license, the cost of the plugin is $97. This includes access to WishList’s Customer Center which has resources to help develop the new membership section, video tutorials, step-by-step screen shot guides, unlimited updated for one year, and unlimited support for one year, available Monday – Friday, 9-5 EST with a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

Multiple site licenses cost $297 and include everything within the single site license package along with additional membership themes, two exclusive trainings, and 300+ icons to download and use.

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