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Powerful WordPress eShop Theme

The eShop Theme for WordPress offers many features for a user who wishes to turn their WordPress powered site into an online shop and allows a subscriber to turn their WordPress powered site into a combination eShop and blog. An eShop single use license can be purchased for $65.00, and a multiple use license can be purchased for $99.00.

Installation of the eShop Theme for WordPress is quite easy and can be completed with one click. Unlike other themes, the eShop Theme will populate all aspects, such as the product listings, which gives the user a basic template to start using the eShop Theme immediately. If something goes wrong with the eShop Theme’s one click installation, support is fully offered.

Besides the usual blogging features, such as threaded comments, colored themes, search optimization, and breadcrumb navigation, the eShop Theme has many features to help a user make money. The eShop Theme contains a product listing page that lists products, the product’s picture, and the product’s price. The eShop theme also comes with three different shopping carts, including a normal shopping cart, a digital shopping cart, and a catalog mode.

The eShop Theme also includes several features that make selling online a very easy task for anyone who wishes to buy the theme. The eShop Theme offers multiple ways to pay, including PayPal, Google Checkout, and cash on delivery. The theme also supports coupon codes, changes to tax percentages, and shipping options. Another feature for businesses included in the eShop Theme is the ability to accept or decline orders from the admin panel.

The eShop Theme provides many features for people who wish to sell online but have little to no experience running a website. The eShop Theme’s simple installation and usability will have a person making money online within minutes.




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