Templatic’s Store Theme for WordPress Review

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Buying and selling products through online shopping sites has become a popular way for many individuals to reach a wider marketplace with their products. Listing products and selling with pre-established, big-name websites can be pricey, so the Store theme for WordPress allows you to sell your products from your own site – without letting someone else benefit from your hard work.

The Templatic Store theme allows online merchants the ability to display pictures of their items in their store fronts, and to edit or add posts to the store front from the back end. The theme allows users to manage all aspects of online commerce: orders, shipping, tax, payments, user registration, coupons, customer service, and a blog – it is still WordPress, after all.

Depending on the items sold, the site manager can choose different shopping cart modes. He can choose the standard shopping cart popular all over the web if he is selling individual, physical items. But if he’s selling something a little less tangible like digital art or e-books, he may want to choose the digital shop mode. And, if he doesn’t want to sell online and only desires to display his products, he can use the catalog mode which will allow visitors to submit questions to him about the products. There are a number of payment options too, including Paypal and Google Checkout to name a couple.

For a single site, a lifetime license will cost $65 USD. To use the theme on an unlimited number of sites, a site manager and purchase a multiple use license for $99. But if a site manager is running a variety of different sites, he can buy a membership that allows access to all Templatic WordPress themes to use on an unlimited number of sites. This membership costs $279 for the first year and $179 each subsequent year.



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