Templatic’s Kidz Store Theme Review

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Run Your Own Kid's Product E-Commerce Site with Kidz Store!

Templatic’s Kidz Store Theme is ideal for those looking to quickly establish an online Web store for children’s apparel but are unwilling or unable to design the Website from scratch themselves. Like other e-commerce offerings from Templatic, the Kidz Store Theme allows users to use simple point-and-click commands to transform their WordPress sites into very professional looking Web storefronts featuring full-fledged e-commerce capabilities. The software requires no formal training and very little technical skills to use. To get started, users simply download and install the Kidz Store Theme from Templatic’s Web site. The theme already includes all the design features and administrative functions needed to get started with a Web store almost immediately.

For the store front-end for instance, Templatic’s Kidz Store offers several easily customizable Web page templates. The templates include a homepage, a products listing page and a products detail page. The pre-populated homepage is designed to appear like a Web store front for children’s apparel and lists numerous product photos along with accompanying pricing information. A menu to the right of the page gives visitors the option to browse the store by product category and allows customers to log in to their accounts and check out products.

To customize the homepage, a user simply has to edit out the existing information on the page and replace it with information specific to his or her Web store. For example, users can replace the pre-populated photos and product information on the homepage and on related pages, by simply dragging and dropping their own product photos, product details and pricing information into the appropriate boxes. Kidz Store Theme’s front end also includes templates for a login page, a checkout page, a personal customer account page and a blog page. All of the hyper-linking between the pages is already enabled, so users do not need to know PHP, HTML or CSS in order to be able to set up a fully-customized Web storefront for their business.

For the Kidz Store back end meanwhile, Templatic has provided similar, fully customizable templates for handling functions such as payment and shopping cart management, shipping options, and coupon handling. As with all of Templatic’s themes, Kidz Store comes with an integrated system for handlings meta tags and header information for ad management and search engine optimization purposes. Templatic is a provider of numerous WordPress themes. In addition to its E-Commerce themes, the company also provides similar software for CMS, Portfolio, Multimedia and Magazine themes. Click here to learn more!


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