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From the Desk of Jason Keith

Last Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Dear Success Bug Member:

First of all, let me Congratulate you for making it this far. If you have made it to this page, you are a member of Barry Plaskow's Success Bug program which means you are serious about marketing your business on the Internet.

I have developed several packages of tools designed to help you turn your WordPress-Powered website into a direct response marketing machine. These tools will help your product sales pages, email squeeze pages and other direct marketing messages convert better with your website visitors…which means more leads, sales and customers for you!

Please keep in mind that each of these products sells for a minimum of $47 when purchased individually. Later in this page, I will provide a way for you to purchase this entire bundle for a great discount…just because I'm such a big fan of what Barry is doing with Success Bug!

Let's get started talking about what you get in this bundle…

#1 WordPress Sales Letter Theme Bundle

Turn your WordPress-Powered website into a POWERFUL Direct Response Marketing Sales Letter. This incredible product gives you 12 complete sales letter themes as well as another 10 templates that will integrate into almost any WordPress theme!

If you ever need to create great looking sales letters to promote a product, service or to announce an event this is hands down the easiest way to set them up. To learn more, go to


#2 WordPress Landing Pages

The WordPress Landing Page Collection is another powerful pack of templates to turn individual pages on your WordPress-Powered website into POWERFUL email squeeze pages, marketing sales pages, joint venture proposals and much more.

This bundle comes with 12 exciting landing page designs which can easily be integrated into your favorite WordPress theme! As a matter-a-fact, the page you are looking at right now was created using just one of the impressive landing page templates for WordPress available in this bundle!

To learn more, go to



#3 WordPress Dynamic Date Plugin

The Dynamic Date Plugin is a simple, but Highly Effective plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily insert any date (past, present or future) into your sales or marketing message and have it update automatically each day to stay current.

To demonstrate this plugin, today's date is Jul 23, 2021, tomorrow's date is Jul 24, 2021and yesterday was Jul 21, 2021. No matter what day you arrive at this page, the day will always show to correct versions. This is Extremely Powerful when you wish to create a sense of urgency for your visitors to act on an offer.

This plugin also helps you ensure that your offer always appears current. It comes with variations to match all major variations in which the date is displayed worldwide!



#4 WordPress Countdown & Limited Time Offer Plugin

Last but not least is the POPULAR WordPress Countdown and Limited Time Offer Plugin. This plugin allows you to to insert a countdown clock at the top of your direct response sales page. Once the clock expires, the offer you are promoting will redirect to any page you choose.

The countdown clock at the top of this web page is a demonstration of how this countdown clock works. At expiration, this page will redirect to another page of my choosing. This could be a page that says the offer is expired or it could be a different offer. This plugin can greatly INCREASE conversions of visitors who need an incentive to buy or opt-in to your offer.

To learn more, go to


As You Can Tell, this is One Powerful Bundle of Direct Marketing Tools that Can Really Turn Your Website into a Sales Machine.

As I mentioned earlier, previously these products have all been sold separately. However, Barry has asked me to put a special offer together for Success Bug members. For a limited time only, you can now get all 4 products for the incredible low price of just $97.00.

That is Half Off the Price if you Purchased them Individually!

To take advantage of this great offer, simply click the button below and make your payment. You will then get IMMEDIATE access to all four products upon successful payment.

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P.S. I cannot guarantee how long this offer will last. If you want it, you better grab it now. It may not still be available tomorrow!