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WordPress is probably the most popular blogging tool available. Its user friendly interface has encouraged more and more users to expand beyond a simple blog. Many small business owners are looking to WordPress for an ecommerce base and Premium Press has software available that could make it easier for them.

ShopperPress is a shopping cart theme that can be added to any WordPress blog site. The package is a very reasonable $79 that does not require annual renewal. It comes with more than 20 different store designs. It also supports the thousands of WordPress plugins and widgets.

The software includes built-in tax, shipping, and order management features. The shopping cart checkout process has more than 15 ways to take online payments. If you already have an affiliate store with Amazon or Ebay, ShopperPress allows you to import your products in minutes.

The administration dashboard is divided into 11 sections that are easy to navigate and make keeping up with your stats simple. It has an overall summary and detailed charts for order history and monthly sales figures.

Setup is a step-by-step process that walks you through configuring the site to make it unique. After choosing your design, you can quickly enter logos, emails, and copyrighted text. There are separate sections for setting up advertising and editing graphics.

Knowledge of programming such as XML or PHP is unnecessary. Just like a regular WordPress blog, setting up ShopperPress is done through a non-technical user friendly interface. It does use some CSS codes, but the website has many video tutorials to help with figuring out each step. They also have a free online support staff.

The Premium Press website promises lifetime support and free upgrades. In today's economic climate, lifetime has sometimes proven to be an unpredictable variable. However, if this software proves to be as easy to use and reliable as its parent, WordPress, their confidence may be justified.

Since ShopperPress is layered with WordPress, it can use the same security plugins as well as HTTPS/SSL secure pages. Of course, it requires a reliable hosting company that is WordPress ready. Since most of the better hosts already offer WordPress capability, installing it on an existing site is usually a simple process. With WordPress and ShopperPress an online store can be operational in just a few days for little more than $200.


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