RealtorPress Real Estate Theme for WordPress Review

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WordPress isn’t just a site for bloggers anymore. Many users are using the site to help run their businesses and provide quality content to their current and potential clients – even in real estate, an industry traditionally associated with meeting clients and driving around to the physical locations. For more and more individuals, looking at pictures and reading descriptions of a property online is a way of saving time on both ends.

In today’s market, especially in trying to sell or rent houses or other types of property, having a quality online presence is essential. To ensure a good online presence, one needs a quality website that provides a nice, aesthetically pleasing layout with good descriptions and pictures of the properties.

The WordPress real estate theme available at PremiumPress provides everything you need in conducting your real estate business online. You can choose one featured image for each property (like an outside view, for example) and supporting images that show the beauty of the inside of the property with descriptions. In addition, it provides an interactive Google Maps device to show the exact location of the property. You can even set it up to provide your contact information and a way for site visitors to submit serious inquires. And, in traditional blog style, there is a section at the bottom of the page for a public discussion amongst you and your clients.

To start using the RealtorPress Premium Real Estate Theme, you need only to pay a fee of $79 USD – or you can opt for the entire PremiumPress collection of themes for only $249. The price is well worth it, considering users do not need to understand the headache that can be html to set up their site, and they can be up and running in less than a day.

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