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Legal Forms GeneratorI'm sure you have already heard that the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is rolling out new guidelines for people who promote affiliate programs on websites and blogs.
If you are like me, you have been searching for ways to ensure that your websites and blogs are compliant so that you do not face any consequences when the changes take affect next month.
To help clear the confusion, Internet Attorney Mike Young has written a short report covering the topic entitled "SPECIAL REPORT: How to Comply with the New FTC Compensation Disclosure Guidelines".
If you are not familiar with Mike, he is the president of the Internet Attorneys Association and is an expert on Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. His Legal Forms Generator in an outstanding product that allows you to quickly and easily create legal forms for your websites. 
Mike has graciously agreed to allow me to share this short report on the FTC changes to affiliate marketing with my subscribers. You can download it at the link below. I highly recommend it as it is very good and one of the few reports you will see written by an actual attorney who knows affiliate marketing.
If you have a list of your own, you are free to pass along this special report to your subscribers as it is time sensitive information. With the changes going live December 1st, affiliate marketers have to act fast to get in compliance.

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