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The MemberWing WordPress plugin is a great solution for people who wish to turn their WordPress powered site into a full subscription based service or charge users for use. The MemberWing plugin is open source and free to install for non-commercial sites, but MemberWing does charge for Professional licenses.

A Professional One package (which can be used on a single domain) costs $149.95 and includes both MemberWing and MemberWing-X. A Professional Unlimited package (to be used on multiple domains) costs $295.

With the MemberWing WordPress plugin, a person who wishes to offer subscription based services for their WordPress powered site will find many features to help them in their endeavors. The MemberWing WordPress plugin supports several different payment methods, including PayPal, ClickBank, and 2Checkout. Along with different payment methods, the plugin also supports different levels of membership, including bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

A unique “first click free” feature also comes with MemberWing, which allows better promotion through search, and it is implemented according to Google’s First Click Free Specs. There is also support for PayPal’s different payment buttons, including Subscribe, Buy Product, and Buy Service, which allow for a website owner to choose from reoccurring payments or onetime fees.

MemberWing integrates with several different affiliate programs, including Rapid Action Products, PayDotCom, and e-junkie. Use of these affiliate programs is a great way for a site owner to promote their site and can bring an incredible amount of traffic that may otherwise be lost to them.

MemberWing comes with TraceFusion, which is a feature that helps cut down on illegal sharing of a person’s subscription based content. TraceFusion will tell the MemberWing user who is illegally sharing their content and will provide information that will help track down the person and prosecute, if it is deemed necessary.




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