MaxBlogPress Unblockable Popup Plugin Review

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The MaxBlogPress Unblockable Popup plugin is a potent solution for pop up ads on WordPress sites, and it includes most of the features that the more advanced, more expensive plugins boast. This plugin, on the other hand, is not expensive at all. It’s review-ware, which means that it costs you nothing other than a written review after you’ve used the product. They also require a one-time free registration. All in all, that’s a tough price to beat.

The plugin includes its own popup editor, and the interface makes it extremely simple to set the popup frequency, so that you don’t annoy your readers anymore than you have to. It includes enough tweaking and style options to satisfy even the most precise WordPress authors, and it comes with some built-in visual effects ready to go, such as Fading effect, Lightbox effect and the Simple popup.

The one drawback to MaxBlogPress’ Unblockable is that it has no built-in email list solution. It does, however, offer RSS opt-in, which is what most blogs will use. It’s not often you find a popup plugin that is this full-featured while requiring no programming experience and essentially being free. This one is certainly worth a look. Go to for more information.

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