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For many people, managing a blog is a huge time investment. Countless hours are spent updating, reorganizing, and writing new content to hopefully please the visitors. Many bloggers and website owners are not computer programmers and struggle to accomplish even simple design tasks. Adding rotational banners to your blog can seem like a nightmare of a task, but not with the help of the Max Banner Ad Rotator Plugin.

The Max Banner Ad Rotator Plugin is easy to use and will end the suffering of adding banners to your blog.

The plugin provides features like:

1. Web Control Interface
2. One Click Banner Addition
3. Position Banners Anywhere
4. Custom Banner Upload & Configuration
5. Click-Through Ratio [CTR] Statistics
6. Multiple Banner Grouping

By using the simple controls, you can easily add a new banner to your blog. The interface is simple to follow, and managing your banner has never been easier. A great feature is the ability to include the banner in multiple sections of the blog, and in almost any position.

Adding multiple banners and keeping track of statistics can help you to manage your advertising revenue.

The Max Banner Ad Rotator Plugin can transform your website into advertising gold. Go to for more information.




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