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Magic Affiliate is a wonderful tool to increase your income over a period of time in the form of drips. It essentially relies on the strategy of forming multiple affiliates to increase your income. When you form your own membership website, you use the Magic Affiliate plugin with WordPress to upload content such as blogs, videos, and MP3’s on your site. Then, using the customized email option, you can send a request to thousands of individuals to access the products and services available on your site.

What happens next is magic. When affiliates join your site, they help promote your products in turn generating sales and income for you. Also, once the affiliates start realizing that its good income for them too, they in turn start aggressively promoting your website thereby generating more income for you. This is what is meant by ‘drip’ income.

Magic Affiliate provides an array of user friendly features that will help you strengthen your earnings on a daily basis. The real time reporting feature helps you keep abreast with data such as the total number of clicks, sales and commission without any delay. Magic Affiliate also provides you with a platform to grow your affiliate base to infinity. Affiliates can join on a daily basis.

As the number increases, the more you get to earn. Apart from this, you get to choose from a host of customized features that help you increase your income. These include a multi-layer affiliate structure and design of a custom affiliate messages which will be available in the affiliate control panel. You can also set different commission rates for affiliates at different levels. Magic Affiliate also provides free video tutorials and support guides to help you breeze past the launch and start earning.

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