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Create Your Own Online Job Marketplace with WordPress!

The job market is a popular place frequented by many people on a daily basis. The Job Board theme available for WordPress websites can allow you to create your own job listing site to contribute to this marketplace.

The theme comes with seven different color schemes to choose from, and the display is crisp, clean, and easy to navigate. It will allow you as the site manager and your clients to make jobs searchable to potential employees by full time, part time or freelance, and by an endless amount of job categories or industries.

The theme also comes with features that allow for either free by anyone or a fee to pay for the use of the site to find an employee. To collect payments, the theme comes with a Paypal tool and even has the ability to save potential job postings until a client’s payment is verified. To ensure expired positions aren’t clogging up the site, the manager can set a deadline for postings to auto-expire.

The Job Board theme for WordPress is easy to use by site managers, employers, and job candidates. You can begin to use this theme on your website for as little as $65 USD for a single site license that includes theme support and a detailed installation guide. If you want to use the theme on more than one site, you can purchase an unlimited license for $99 which includes theme support, installation guide, and access to the design source file. If you want to get even more for your job listing site, you can purchase Premium Themes Club Full Access for $279 for the first year and $179 each subsequent year. While you hold a subscription, you will have access to all current themes to use on an unlimited number of sites, and you will receive the design source files.




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