How to Build Backlinks to your Websites Part One: Article Marketing Strategies & Tips

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I'm excited today to bring you this installment of my new series called "How to Build Backlinks to your Websites". 
Today I want to talk about article marketing. Article marketing is one of the most time tested SEO techniques. What I like most about article marketing is that if done right, it not only helps build backlinks to your website, but it also can drive targeted direct traffic to your website. Not all backlink techniques can do that!
If you are new to article marketing, the very first thing you need to do is to open an account at It is hands-down the best article directory on the planet. After you get comfortable with, you can start also submitting articles to some of the other good article sites. 
When you are writing articles for submission, there are three main areas to focus on:
  1. The article title
  2. The article body
  3. The author resource box
The article title is very important. You will want to write a headline that includes your keywords as search engine bait, yet is still enticing to actual web users to click on. 
The article body is the actual part of your article where you list your content. I personally like to keep the article body somewhere between 350 and 500 words to provide good content, but to also leave the reader wanting more so he or she will click through to my website for more.
The author resource box is maybe the most important component of your article. This is the area you can leave a link back to your website. Most article directories allow you to insert anchor text here which means you can use the actual keyword you want to rank for! 
Below are some frequently asked questions I get about article marketing:
I am not a good writer. How can I do article marketing?

First off, there is no requirement that you be "good" at writing to submit articles. It does help, however, if your article is readable. If you find it challenging to write articles, I recommend you checkout Instant Article Factory. It is a great product that will help you crank out high quality, informative articles in under 10 minutes. 
Where should I submit my articles?

As mentioned earlier, the first place you will want to submit to is After that, there are a number of good sites.
I personally like to use Submit Your Article to submit to all the second tier article directories. This service uses a system called ArticleLeverage to rewrite portions of your article so that each article directory gets a unique version of your article. This is good strategy for getting by search engine duplicate content filters.
Another good service to use to submit unique copies of articles to various directories is Unique Article Wizard. This service is similar to the Submit Your Article service mentioned in the previous paragraph, but requires a bit more work on the front end. It is incredibly effective though for link building.
Should I Submit the Same Article to all Directories?

A few years ago, I felt you could get benefit from submitting the same exact article to 100's of article directories. Today, that is not the case. You need to submit an altered version of your article to all the major directories to get past duplicate content filters so your links pass along the juice you need them to. 
A quick and easy way to get multiple copies of your article to submit is to use an article spinner such as The Best Spinner. This software has a massive built-in thesaurus that is constantly growing. Creating unique versions of your articles won't get any easier. 

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