GoPagesPro Review: An Incredibly Easy-to-Use Affiliate Marketing Plugin for WordPress!

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I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about a really cool WordPress plugin I grabbed today. This plugin is different from many other affiliate marketing plugins that I've used previously. 

This plugin, called GoPagesPro, is an amazing plugin for managing affiliate links and tracking your affiliate marketing campaigns. 
This plugin does three really important things when it comes to affiliate marketing: 
  1. It offers multiple ways to redirect your affiliate link to increase conversions 
  2. It offers really easy-to-track statistics for every affiliate link you create
  3. It gives you the ability to exponentially increase traffic to your affiliate links via viral traffic from social media sites.
Let's discuss all three features in greater detail:
Redirection Features
GoPagesPro allows you to easily redirect your affiliate links straight from your own site. Here are some of my favorite redirect features:
  • Create shortened, clean links that are proven to get more clicks
  • Hide your affiliate IDs from commission thieves
  • Keep people on your site using iFrames 
  • Select from either an iFrame or standard redirect via a drop down box.
  • Amazon affiliates: Bypass Amazon's "no iFrames" rule with simple redirects
  • No 301 Redirects
  • Built in SEO (add descriptions, meta tags and keywords)
  • Plus many more features.
Link Tracking Features
GoPagesPro allows you to effortlessly track all your affiliate links in one location! Here are some of the tracking features:
  • Track referring sites sending you traffic. 
  • Monitor your social marketing campaigns. Track multiple sites and fine tune your efforts.
  • Monitor Paid Advertising / PPC campaigns, compare clicks, track traffic and more
  • Track your Social Stickiness, social shares, PinIts, Tweets with these powerful metrics 
  • Track, measure and compare all of your SEO keywords performance 
  • Track your organic traffic sources and performance, based on your meta data
  • Plus Much More!
Viral Traffic Features

When you use the iframe affiliate link feature, GoPagesPro can display social media sharing icons (Facebook like button, Pinterest pin button, retweet, etc.). This means you can get more traffic out of your existing marketing strategies. 
I have been playing with this plugin for the past hour or so. I am very impressed. It is incredibly easy-to-use and setup and the opportunities are amazing. It is going to make tracking and setting up affiliate campaigns so much easier! 

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