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GD Star Rating is a WordPress plugin that allows a person’s WordPress powered site to incorporate a rating and review system. GD Star Rating is a great option for people who wish to add an extra layer of reader interaction to their blogs and articles.

GD Star Rating is a great tool for bloggers. GD Star Rating allows article ratings, which is a great way to allow a blog’s readers to interact with each blog post and also allows writers the ability to gauge the popularity of their subject matter and writing style. GD Star Rating also provides comment ratings, which adds an important feature for blogging communities that have several readers. With GD Star Rating, a blog may also show top rated articles and pages, which can help readers find the best information on the subjects they are interested in.

For sites that offer reviews of products, entertainment, and businesses, GD Star Rating has a review feature which can greatly increase reader interaction. Besides the review feature, GD Star Rating also provides a feature that will allow Google results to show ratings. By providing ratings of products and businesses in Google search results, GD Star Rating will increase traffic to your blog and reviews. A person who sees the rating that something has been given is more likely to click thru to a person’s site, to see the reason behind the rating.

GD Star Rating also has several customization features, which allow for the plugin to blend seamlessly with a user’s WordPress site. GD Star Rating allows for several different star designs, making it easy for them to blend into a blog’s color scheme and design. Advanced template support and widget template support is also offered with GD Star Rating.

There are several administrative features provided with GD Star Rating. The plugin supports rating and review moderation, which allows blog owners to have tighter control over what is happening within their community. GD Star Rating also supports different rating rules for pages and posts, which is a good customization tool for people who have different rating needs within their community. To learn more, go to


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