RE: This is Better than Any Autoblogging System…

February 2, 2010

To: WordPress Sales Letter Theme Subscribers
From: Jason Keith

Hello Friend,

I have to admit that I have had a hard time sleeping this past week.

No…it is not because I have been sick or suffering from insomnia.

It is because my mind has been flowing with ideas for how to use a new WordPress product I have been testing the past week. Let me tell you about it.

This new product is Bumblesoft's EZ Empire Builder. It is an amazing WordPress system that will no doubt change the way you build websites. I have never seen anything like it. It is amazing.

Let me try to explain to you what this terrific product does…

EZ Empire Builder lets you pull content from ANY database straight into WordPress posts.  After you pull the content, you can manipulate the data, rearrange the order, spin it in content, add photos, CPA offers, AdSense and other types of affiliate offers and revenue models.

You can use it to import affiliate datafeeds, business directory databases, yellow pages databases, article content, music databases, medical databases and much more.

You can click the link below to visit the sales page and watch some videos of how the owner's setup a 25,000 page song lyrics website in under and hour. (NOTE: if you plan to buy, be sure to use coupon code WPSLTHEME to save 15% off the special launch price for the next 5 days!)


Here's a little more on this cool system…
You can setup the posts to all publish at once, or use the built in drip feature to post only a few per day or week.

You can literally create 50,000+ page, highly targeted websites in one sitting or have it slowly build over months or even years using this program. The great thing is you can make your website totally UNIQUE from any other website utilizing the same type of database content.

In my opinion, this is WAY BETTER than any AUTOBLOGGING system I've ever seen. With most autoblogging systems, you are competing with 100's or 1000's of other marketers using the same RSS feeds. With EZ Empire Builder, you are using lesser used content and you are able to customize it to make it unique to your site.

When I first heard about EZ Empire Builder, I thought it sounded interesting, but was a little intimidated by it because I thought it would be difficult to use. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is an AMAZINGLY easy system that I believe any WordPress user will be able to handle…regardless of technical skills or experience.  

This product is brand new to the market and the owners have the price significantly discounted for the launch. They have also graciously agreed to give my subscribers an additional 15% discount off the launch price for the next 5 days. To take advantage of this additional discount, you need to enter coupon code WPSLTHEME when you go the checkout page.

To get a real feel for how this product works, I highly encourage you to click the link below to checkout the sales page and watch the videos.  


I think it will have your head spinning and I apologize in advance if you lose any sleep over the next week as your ideas for how to use EZ Empire Builder start to flow!

Good luck.

Thank you.

Jason Keith

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