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E-Commerce is a rapidly growing way of doing business all around the world. Not only does it allow consumers the convenience of shopping at their leisure from the comfort of their own homes, but it allows merchants to reach a wider scope of customers than those in their immediate networks.

Templatic has developed an e-Commerce theme to help you turn your WordPress site into visually pleasing, easy-to-navigate storefronts. The theme comes with five color schemes, guides and tutorials, and customizable menus to fit your needs as a seller and your clients’ needs as buyers.

At the front end of your online store, the theme allows you to provide photos and close-up shots of products, a member login section, a checkout page, and a blog. The back end gives you a place to easily manage coupons, payments, shipping, theme options, and to edit your posts and update your products.

It even allows you to choose which shopping cart mode you want to be available to your customers. You can choose the classic shopping cart typically used for tangible items, the digital shop more commonly used with things like e-books or other digital services, or the catalog mode if you only wish to display your merchandise and not sell it over the internet. There are also a variety of ways to accept payments including Paypal and bank transfer.

To use the e-Commerce WordPress theme on a single website, the cost of a lifetime license is $65 USD. A multi-site lifetime license costs $99. But, if you run a number of types of websites, you can buy a yearly subscription to Premium Theme Club Full Access. The membership costs $279 for the first year and $179 each subsequent year and gives members licenses to all current themes to use on an unlimited number of websites.





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