DirectoryPress WordPress Directory Theme & Plugin Review

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Using DirectoryPress to Run a WordPress Website Directory

One of the most effective ways to promote a website is to submit it to directories. A website directory creates backlinks to your website, which in turn improves your site's performance on search engines. By running a search engine directory, you can charge the owners of websites money in order to be listed.

While this is a great way of earning some extra money, running a directory can be time consuming. You would need to set up the site, organize a payment system, and constantly weed out dead links. That is why the WordPress Directory Theme is so handy. With this easy to install WordPress theme, you can run your own directory and make extra money without a lot of coding knowledge.

Wordpress has made blogging and content management much easier to manage, and now it is doing the same thing for website directories. The WordPress Directory Theme allows your customers to choose from a variety of packages that you can specify.

It is completely Adsense and SEO friendly, and it supports payment from most major payment gateways. You don't need to worry about spending hours adding and removing links from your directory – the theme does all the hard work for you. This will give you plenty more time to actually promote your directory rather than spending that time maintaining it.

What's even better is that one purchase of this theme gives you unlimited installations. You can set up as many directories as you would like. You essentially have unlimited earning potential from simply purchasing this one theme from both ads and membership payments.

Website directories are useful for anyone who runs a website, and by owning and operating your own directory you can earn money by promoting these sites. WordPress Directory Theme makes running your directory faster and easier than ever.

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  1. Karina 6 October 2010 at 6:03 am #

    Thank you!  This looks like it is what I need :)

  2. Static Caravan Sites 23 October 2010 at 9:17 pm #

    beauty theme. may purchase  when discount is avalaible

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