Digital Access Pass Membership Plugin Review

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There are a handful of options on the web these days for turning WordPress sites into paying membership sites. Digital Access Pass is one such product.

It is an excellent choice when it comes to member management due to its built-in affiliate program, sequential content delivery options, supported payment processors, partial content protection and download protection.

The great thing about Digital Access Pass is how easy it is to setup and use. You can have your membership site up and running in a few minutes using this great "made for WordPress" membership script.

One feature that really sets Digital Access Pass apart from some of its contenders is the ContentResponder with Tru-Drip technology. This is where you can setup certain content to be available only after a certain length of membership per member. This works much like an autoresponder. For example, on the first day, you release a certain PDF, then on day 10 you release a video and day 45 another member content module is released. No matter when a person joins, he or she gets the same content at the same interval. This is a really cool feature.

Digital Access Pass is not restricted to just WordPress. It will work with basic HTML sites too.

The customer support is great with Digital Access Pass. I have submitted several inquiries and received responses back within an hour or so.

There are several packages available ranging from single site plans to unlimited site plans. There is also an option for a "Membership Site in a Box" which is the option where they set everything up for you and hand you the keys to the finished membership site. This option is great for newbies and for people who don't have time to mess with learning how to set everything up.

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