Gravity Forms Plugin for WordPress

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Small business owners who want to use WordPress to achieve an inexpensive web presence frequently need a way to easily create forms. The Gravity Forms plugin is a solution to that need. This plugin is much more than a simple contact form. You can add custom fields such as drop down lists, check boxes or […]

Adsense on Top Plugin for WordPress Review

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Adsense on Top is an extension plugin for the Adsense Optimizer plugin already available for WordPress. Where Adsense Optimizer allowed you to use your Google Adsense account to decide the size, style and type of ads placed onto your blog, Adsense on Top allows you to decide exactly which margin the ads will be displayed […]

WordPress IP to Location Geolocation Plugin Review

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The Geo-location plugin for WordPress could prove to be a beneficial tool for online merchants and bloggers by identifying the location of the visitors and in turn allowing them to tailor their content to one or more locations across the country or around the globe. The plugin uses a computer’s IP address in order to […]

Protecting Your Online Business with Quality Disclosures

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I'm sure you have already heard that the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is rolling out new guidelines for people who promote affiliate programs on websites and blogs.   If you are like me, you have been searching for ways to ensure that your websites and blogs are compliant so that you do not […]

WordPress Countdown and Limited Time Offer Plugin

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A few weeks ago I was up late at night unable to sleep. I was flipping through channels on the TV trying to find something to good to watch.   I eventually landed on an infomercial featuring the late Billy Mays. Although I do not recall the exact product he was selling, I do know […]