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The Answers theme is a great way for any person to turn their WordPress powered blog into a powerful question and answer website similar to Yahoo Answers or A single use license for the Answers WordPress theme can be purchased for $49, while a multiple use license can be purchased for $99.

The Answers WordPress theme comes with many interactive features that are important for user interaction on a site. The homepage of the Answers theme provides several different ways to show questions. There’s a tab for most popular question and a tab for unanswered questions. This allows users to quickly navigate the site and easily find what they are looking for. The Answers theme also comes with sidebar widgets, such as a ranking of most active questions and a ranking of the site’s top users. Users can register for the site by asking or answering a question, and there is also a registration form that people can use to sign up.

The question and answer interface is smooth and easy to use. A user will be shown a list of questions. Upon clicking on a question, the user will be taken to the question’s description page where they can view the question’s details, given answers, and answer the question themselves. This interface mirrors several of the most well known answer sites and is great for people who wish to run a site with a familiar interface.

The Answers theme has several features to make a site’s look and feel match what the owner is looking for. The theme comes in seven different colors and supports threaded comments and Gravatars. The Answers theme also comes with an administration panel that includes a design area, which makes it easy for a site owner to change the site logo, color scheme, and other design related aspects.





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