Adsense on Top Plugin for WordPress Review

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Adsense on Top is an extension plugin for the Adsense Optimizer plugin already available for WordPress. Where Adsense Optimizer allowed you to use your Google Adsense account to decide the size, style and type of ads placed onto your blog, Adsense on Top allows you to decide exactly which margin the ads will be displayed in, the background color of the ads, and how far away you want the ads from the body and content of your blog. For example, if the main background color of your blog is tan, you could choose a column of word-only ads with a red background located in the outer edge right margin.

To use Adsense on Top, you must first have a Google Adsense account and have Adsense Optimizer installed. After getting your Optimizer settings the way you want them, you can then go into Adsense on Top settings and play around until you have the perfect ad display for your WordPress blog.

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